If you are aiming for success in the area of Procurement / Supply Chain, as well as in the FMCG and Packaging Production industry, we invite you to take advantage of our offer. At Nova Profit, we are committed to supporting our candidates in achieving their professional aspirations. We offer support at every stage of your career, ensuring professionalism and dedication that are key to your development. Discover why Nova Profit is the ideal partner on your path to professional success.


Preparing for a recruitment interview

We will effectively prepare you for an interview with an employer. We will analyse your experience, skills and achievements, helping you to highlight your strengths.


Objective assessment

We will look at your application objectively, taking into account both your strengths and areas for development. Our aim is to help you realise your full potential.


Support every step of the way

You are not alone in the recruitment process. We're here to support you, answer questions and provide guidance so you're confident and ready for the challenges of the recruitment process.

Join Us

If you're interested in a career in Procurement & Supply Chain or at various levels within the FMCG and Packaging Production industries, we're ready to support you at every stage of the recruitment process. Our consultancy-recruitment agency offers professional assistance to help you succeed. Here's why you should take advantage of our services.

What does the recruitment process look like?

1 Sending your application

You send us your CV for a designated recruitment project or to our database - which we encourage you to do.

2 Interview with us

We conduct an interview with you where you present your experience, we discuss your competencies and talk about your financial and non-financial expectations.

3 Presenting your profile to the Employer

If your profile matches the Employer's expectation - we will present your application.

4 Meeting with the Employer

If both parties are interested, we arrange a meeting at a specific place and time.

5 Getting started

In the event that an agreement is found between the Employer and you - we say goodbye keeping our fingers firmly crossed for your start and hopefully long and fruitful career.

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